Boys Parties

Star Wars: Hidden away in a remote planet called Earth, your son’s Jedi training will begin. It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy and the Sith have learned of the birthday boy and have come to destroy. To overcome this threat… your son and friends will need strength and courage to defeat the sith and preserve the order of Jedi.

Mad Science: Have your little professor invite his friends to “ooze on over” for a little birthday fun! They then must prepare for take off as they take a trip to another planet. These brave young scientist must take on this challenge, it is their earthly duty!

All Sport: Does your son have what it takes to bring it to the field? Full of energy or maybe just a huge basketball, soccer or football fan! It’s game time, we will put his skills to the test. Play hard or go home!

Pirate & Pixy: Ahoy there mate’…there has been some mention of a lost treasure. We need your lil’ captain to gather up his crewmates and prepare for this exciting voyage. The buried treasure awaits these brave pirates.

Superhero: Bringing your son’s superhero to life with this dynamic Super-Hero birthday party. Calling all Superheroes…Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman and of course the birthday boy to help save the day. POW, ZAP, BAM the time has come to ward off the evil villians and use our powers to keep this city safe!

Custom Party: Inquire about our custom parties to suit your sons every need!!