T3 Terrific Birthday

Welcome to the new millenium! Are you being forced by your teen to catch up to the new lingo?

LOL – Laugh out loud
Smh – shaking my head
TTYL – talk to you later
ROTFL – rolling on the floor.

Well if your tween or teen has a cell phone, there probably familiar with all of these popular phrases and more. This cool textin’ party is like no other.

Girls will play all kinds of texting theme games, play 21 questions and decode texting words all while partying the night away. Grab your twee/teen and step into the 21st century with this totally, terrific, texting party! (Real cell phone not required)

Terrific Table Decor
Gorgeous satin sunshine table cloth w/hot pink runner along w/ neon accent colors: hot pink, lime green, funky orange, sunshine yellow, turquoise & purple. Coordinating decorations such as: Peace signs, neon lights, texting phrases, plaques & more!

Chair Covers
Girls will sit upon luxurious white chair covers with different color sashes (will fit most dining and folding chairs)

Costume & Accessories
Stylish petti tutu skirts with coordinating tank top, beautiful boas, glitzy jewelry, top hats, girlie ties, rock star gloves, silly bands, make-up applied and more!

T3 Festivities
Girls toast the guest of honor w/our Signature

T3 Pinktini, 21 Questions, text mystery game, text race, no driving while texting game and more!

T3 Craft
Flip flop/picture frame craft/necklace/Tank top

Suggested enhancements: Chocolate fountain, personalized brownies, caricature, limo ride