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With the ongoing pandemic concerns related to Covid-19 and the decision by many Georgia County School Districts to move to virtual learning for the Fall semester,  many parents are faced with the challenge of how to continue to go into work while ensuring their children are meeting their educational needs throughout the week. Lisa's Dance Spot will be offering a Day School Camp for elementary and middle school aged children. We will offer a monitoring service to ensure students are actively working through their required school work.  Below is some information to consider as the number of students we will accept is limited. 


Day School Camp at Lisa's Dance Spot 

 August 17th - December 18th 

Time:  7am-6pm Monday - Friday 


Max 20 students grades K-8th will be accepted 

10 students per studio room (Elementary) & 

10 students per studio room (Middle) 

 Daily temperature checks and strict execution of the LDS Health and Safety guidelines 

 Individual work tables to allow for social distancing 

 WiFi Access 


  • Staff Monitors to ensure students are focused and actively working 
  • Monitors will assist students with logging into their classes 
  • Monitors will ensure classroom order and ensure a quiet working environment 
  • Monitors will assist students as necessary 
  • Monitors will not act as teachers or educational professionals 
  • Assigned bathrooms 
  • Breaks throughout the day 
  • After school dance classes if registered for dance classes 



Day School Camp at Lisa's Dance Spot 



 Fee $150 per week 

 No Registration Fee  

 No Before or Aftercare Fees 


     Students will need to bring the following each day: 

  • Masks - to be worn throughout the day by All staff and students 
  • Laptop or learning device 
  • Educational supplies (notebook, calculator, pencils, pens, erasers) 
  • Headset/Headphones 
  • Breakfast, Lunch and snacks 
  • Wear comfortable clothing 


Students will remain in their assigned studio room the entire day. Parents are asked to check over work completed each day and keep up with daily tasks to ensure the students work is getting completed accurately. If a student is sick, we will ask that they stay home until well. If they fall ill while at the studio, we will ask that they be picked up immediately. 


We follow the Cobb County School District school calendar, therefore, all breaks such as Fall break, Holidays, Teacher Work Days, etc...will be observed and the studio will be closed.  No fees will be due. 



Click “Register” 

Fill out personal information to create an account 

Select “Day School Camp” 

Pay weekly fee of $150 

Your spot is reserved